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CV Advice: Templates & Tips

Your CV is a crucial part of any application and will often be the first thing an employer sees of you. Our CV templates will help you produce a well-presented, well-formatted one page CV, giving you the competitive edge when applying for leading internships and grad schemes.

We've compiled all the best knowledge from our team to bring you these templates for your CV - whichever sector you're applying to. We've placed over 10,000 graduates and university students into roles, so we know what employers are looking for. Here are the CV templates to get your stand out CV started.

General CV Template

We designed this to fit any category - you can tailor it to allow you to show your strengths effectively to any employer. If you're applying for a range of sectors, or one that isn't mentioned below, this is the one for you.  

Consulting CV Template

Tailored specifically for consulting internships and graduate roles. You'll learn the tips to make yours stand out from the crowd. 

Investment Banking CV Template

Investment Banking is the most popular career choice amongst our members and the industry attracts top talent from all over the world. As the calibre of student rises year on year in an academic arms race, it’s ever more important to make sure your CV stands out. 

Law CV Template

Your CV is essential when applying to leading Commercial Law firms as it will often be the first thing an employer sees. Our template will help you create a concise CV, which will give you the competitive edge when applying for leading Insight Programmes, Vacation Schemes and Training Contracts. When applying, law firms expect a CV of up to two pages.

Here are a few more articles which might help you write the perfect CV. 

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