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Graduate insights: Why Citrix?

Book open Reading time: 3 mins

We recently caught up with five Graduates at Citrix about their very best reasons for joining the firm. Here they share their insights and experience into why Citrix is the perfect place to kick start your technology career.

Introducing the Graduates…

Kerry - I’ve been with Citrix for just over 18 months. I joined the business after studying Computer Science at Bangor in North Wales. I loved my degree and I thoroughly enjoy my role too. I’m currently working in the StoreFront team – a team of about 18 based in the Cambridge office.

Henry - I joined Citrix after completing a summer internship between my 2nd and 3rd year of university. I studied Computer Science at Durham and joined the business after graduating. I’m also currently working in the StoreFront team.

Gareth – I’ve been with Citrix for four years. Initially I joined as an intern for a placement year in 2011 and then came back after finishing my degree at Sheffield Hallam. I work in the Computer Networks team.

Frederico – I joined Citrix in 2015 after studying Computer Science at Nottingham Trent. I work in the UI (user interface) and SDKs (Software Development Kit) team.

Sophia – I’ve been with Citrix for two years as a graduate and I also interned here for a year while at Anglia Ruskin University studying Computer Science. I work in the Provisioning team, dealing with communications with the hypervisor.

Why should an undergraduate consider a career with Citrix?

Gareth: The shift to the cloud and the technologies we are working on – this is a really exciting time to be working at the forefront of the technology industry and on the newest and most exciting aspects of the sector. It’s the best reason.

Henry: I agree, it’s a really interesting time to join the business as we shift to the cloud. It also means there is huge scope for diving into new technologies and expanding your current skillset. If you’re hungry to keep learning and developing as an engineer, it’s the perfect place to be.

Kerry: The culture is also a really important reason to consider the firm. From the free cake and bacon sandwiches to the smart people and good work life balance – these are all great reasons to consider starting your career with Citrix.

Gareth: I’d agree with that and also emphasise that there are some incredibly smart people working in the business and this really raises the quality of your own work – that’s a big factor for me.

Kerry: Another reason for me would be the clients that we sell to – they are a seriously impressive roster, across sectors and some really fun brands. For example, we’ve been doing some work with the Redbull Formula One teams – that’s been great.

Frederico: I work in a team of four-five and that means there is huge opportunity for responsibility but also to work as part of a close knit group. It’s very rewarding and it means there is a great team atmosphere.

Henry: I’d add that from day one you are taken seriously and given good opportunity to get involved. You won’t be held back working here, if you’re good enough to get here, you’re good enough to jump in.

Sophia: There are so many great reasons as the others have described, but for me I have really enjoyed the focus that Citrix has on developing customer led features. Customer satisfaction is really important to Citrix, when a customer logs an error it is great to be part of the team that resolves this with a new feature or solution. Recently a customer took to twitter to promote how fantastic the new feature we developed was, it felt brilliant to receive positive feedback in response to the work I did.


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