Meet Freddie, Trainee at Crowe

By Crowe
Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Fun fact?

Huge supporter of Arsenal, home and away.

What attracted you to a career in accounting and the apprenticeship route?

Family members of mine have been involved in accounting and being exposed to it made me interested to follow the route. The apprenticeship route has always stood out to me as superior to university as you get an advantage on graduates who come out with debt and may struggle to find a job, while also being able to network gain years of experience.

How did you find the interview process with Crowe? Was there anything that stood out as a particular highlight?

The interview process with Crowe definitely stood out to me amongst the other apprenticeships I applied for. The process was extremely fast, and within about 3 weeks of submitting my application I was in the office doing my assessment centre. This really represented Crowe positively, and current trainees took time out of their day to speak, who all seemed really enthusiastic about working here, which I have also become after starting.

What do you enjoy most about working at Crowe?

Everyone at Crowe is really helpful. There are so many resources available to make sure new joiners don’t feel out of their depth, and you are constantly learning new things. Everyone is very friendly too, and it has been easy to make new friends, which makes coming into the office and working in general more enjoyable.

What does a typical day involve in your current role?

Recently my days have consisted of different tasks, such as casting, which is checking that financial statements are presented correctly, checking for spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, and mathematical errors, which arise quite frequently. At other times, I may do some different forms of testing – one which I have done recently is land registry testing. In the evenings after work, it tends to consist of revision, as the exams for the ACA begin straight away.

What was your biggest challenge when adjusting into your new role after leaving school?

The biggest challenge I have faced was settling in, as it can be quite intimidating to be one of the youngest, most inexperienced people in the office. But everyone is supportive and happy to devote time to teach, and it has had a positive impact on my progress.

What advice would you give to any other school leavers considering an apprenticeship in accounting?

I would definitely promote the apprenticeship route, especially for accounting. The advice I would give is to be ambitious and don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone. It can be quite daunting to be part of a minority when most people go to university and you don’t follow the same route, but it will pay off. Make sure to read up on the different qualifications and see which ones fit you and your ambitions.