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Meet Thea, Trainee at Crowe

By Crowe
Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Fun fact?

I'm currently the treasurer of the Crowe Manchester Bouldering Society

What attracted you to a career in accounting and the apprenticeship route?

With a degree in Accounting and Finance, I’m driven by my love for problem-solving and my ambition to become a chartered accountant. The ICAEW apprenticeship route stands out as the perfect choice, as it offers structured training and hands-on experience, providing a well-rounded education. What’s more, the ICAEW’s global recognition adds a touch of prestige.

How did you find the interview process with Crowe? Was there anything that stood out as a particular highlight?

The interview process with Crowe was straightforward and well-structured. While nerve-wracking, the managers were approachable and friendly, creating a comfortable environment. What stood out was the opportunity to interact with current trainees who shared valuable insights about the firm, making it an enriching experience.

What do you enjoy most about working at Crowe?

What I enjoy most about working at Crowe is the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it a friendly and supportive place to be. The diversity of tasks and challenges, as well as exposure to clients, from small to large entities, keeps each day exciting, allowing me to continually learn and grow within the firm.

What does a typical day involve in your current role?

As an Audit Assistant, my typical day involves a dynamic mix of tasks. I start by reviewing financial documents and conducting audit tasks such undertaking substantive testing procedures. I also collaborate with my seniors and managers to ensure accuracy and compliance. Throughout the day, I interact with clients and inquire questions I might have to help with the audit.

What was your biggest challenge when adjusting into your new role after leaving University?

My biggest challenge when transitioning to my role after leaving university was adapting to the practical application of Auditing. While my academic background provided a solid foundation, I had to learn how to implement these concepts in real-world scenarios. The shift from theory to practice was a key adjustment I had to make. Fortunately, Crowe has been incredibly supportive throughout this transition, providing guidance, training, and mentorship, which made the adjustment smoother and more manageable.

What advice would you give to any other graduates considering a career in accounting?

For graduates eyeing a career in Accounting, I’d highly recommend exploring the ICAEW apprenticeship route – it’s incredibly worthwhile and valuable. It provides a structured path to becoming a chartered accounting, blending hands-on experience and formal education. Develop strong technical and interpersonal skills, stay updated with industry-changes, and embrace continuous learning. Networking can be a game-changer, so seize every opportunity.