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Kyoko Is Seeing the Power of Possibility

Book open Reading time: 3 mins

Being a client-driven business we sometimes have to work hard to meet deadlines but these efforts can be rewarding and mean significant responsibility. The success of our graduates comes through this hard work, their resilience and flexibility.

The right mindset

As a law student, Kyoko hadn’t initially considered banking as a career, but she was open to finding out more about the sector and joined our Insight Programme in Japan to explore what a career in the industry could mean for her. The experience challenged her perception of the industry. “It’s true that if you don’t want to work hard, then banking might not be the right fit for you, but if you are resilient and have the right mindset you can build a successful future here.” During the Insight Programme, Kyoko learnt a lot about the bank and met many people across different functions. “People here are very friendly. It was because of the people that I found the industry interesting and attractive, and ultimately, it’s why I chose to develop my career here.” Kyoko joined Deutsche Bank on our Graduate Programme in Sales and Trading when she graduated and she’s already making a difference.

Learning and growing

“I am a Trader and I enjoy what I do every single day. There are always different trends, markets, and products to stay on top of, so I am learning something new all the time. I trade bonds for clients and help them understand changes in the market, and think about the sustainability of their investment. I didn’t study finance at university, so I am learning and developing my knowledge of Finance and Markets on the job. Both areas are essential to my role.”

For Kyoko, the Graduate Programme has provided her with invaluable training to help her develop professionally. “There are structured training programmes to help graduates gain new skills and network with colleagues in and outside of their teams. In fact, there are numerous training opportunities irrespective of whether you come from a finance or economics background or a non-finance major like mine. In addition, you have the benefit of friendly and supportive colleagues who are there with you from day one.”

After one year in the role, Kyoko continues to feel she is learning and growing every day. “I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and have met great people. What I have learnt so far opens up so many more options for me in terms of my career. I can also see myself working here for a long time.”

An equal path for all

Kyoko particularly appreciates the inclusiveness and flexibility the bank offers. “I never feel that gender is an issue in this bank.” Graduates are given every opportunity to develop new skills and thrive while also striking a balance for family life. “For employees who want to continue working after marriage or having children, the environment here totally accommodates that, for all genders. For example, I have a colleague who has three children, and throughout her maternity leave periods she has always been fully supported by the bank. Personally, I have always felt that this is something that may not always happen if you work for other companies in Japan.”

The combination of flexibility and support means Kyoko can also spend time on her interests outside of work. “I like classical music. I play double bass in the orchestra, and sometimes the guitar. The bank encourages us to pursue our own interests outside of work.”

Her ambition to grow as an individual and as part of a team has put Kyoko in a strong position to build relationships locally and globally.

“Being successful at Deutsche Bank is about being open to opportunity and having a desire to learn. My boss and colleagues have been really supportive. If you are thinking about a career in Banking and you think Deutsche Bank could be a good match for you, don’t be shy and make an application!”