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What Difference Do Telent Make?

By Telent
Book open Reading time: 1 min

Keeping UK and Ireland Connected and Protected

What does that actually mean?

If the technology and services Telent provide weren’t in place:

  • London Underground would have to close
  • Most UK rail stations couldn’t operate and trains wouldn’t have the power or signals to run
  • The motorway network couldn’t function safely and traffic on a third of local roads would grind to a halt
  • Nobody could make a call from their home phone
  • The Met Police couldn’t communicate with any of its officers
  • Fire 999 calls across the North of England and Northern Ireland would go unanswered
  • No lifeboat crews could be called out in both UK and Ireland
  • Ambulance and Fire appliance mobilisations across Ireland would not occur
  • SOS calls from ships in UK waters wouldn’t be picked up
  • Almost half the homes and businesses in the UK wouldn’t have broadband, super fast broadband or full fibre

That’s how critical Telent is to daily life in the UK and Ireland.