Eugenio tells us why the Vodafone culture is so special

As a Business Intelligence Specialist, Eugenio shares what he thinks makes Vodafone different from his experience on the Discover Graduate Programme.

What is your favourite thing about working at Vodafone?

Flexible working hours. In my role, I get to define my own schedule as long as deliverables are met.

What has been the biggest surprise?

The level of responsibility I have been given. Within a few months of joining my team, I have been asked to lead and manage projects spanning across departments and countries, and to work on tasks for and liaise with senior members of the Organization.

Why is Vodafone different?

The people and the culture. The Organization operates in a highly competitive and complex environment, which puts pressure on moving fast to achieve results. Nonetheless, the people here are supportive to new colleagues and the culture is such that it makes you feel comfortable stepping into new roles and taking on new tasks/projects. I find such support to be crucial to a Graduate leaving university, to ease the transition into the professional world from the academic one.

Top tip for graduates applying to Vodafone’s Group Discover Programme?

Relax and enjoy the ride. Before going fast, it is important to build the foundations first. Take time to understand your new environment, build relationships with colleagues from different business areas other than your own and learn as much as you can about the Business.  

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