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We’re Vodafone. Technology’s original game changers.

We’re a brand that loves change – if it’s not happening naturally then we’re creating it ourselves. It’s in our DNA to push forward, to create a better future, to never rest and find new ways that help people communicate. That’s the lifeblood that runs throughout Vodafone. Every great brand stands for something and at Vodafone we exist to connect everybody to live a better today and build a better to tomorrow.

Our IoT and connectivity technology provides the playing field for countless other companies to innovate. That’s just the start. Now we need people who can keep us ahead - That's where you come in.

We have opportunities in Technology, Finance, HR, Marketing, Customer Enterprise Management, and Commercial.

Only the best will make it through to our Discover Graduate Programme 2018, where their skills and abilities will be tested on our biggest projects. Our Vodafone Explore Programme is open to those looking to earn and learn on a full-time internship, from 10 weeks to 6 months. You won’t find a better way to gain inside knowledge at an early stage in your career.

Apply soon to stay ahead, and get in touch with our team via Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions about our programmes or upcoming projects.

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Don’t forget to cite Bright Network on your Vodafone application form, they’re keen to hear from our members.

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