Lucy shares her daily experiences at Vodafone, from exciting projects to Tom Odell

As a Junior Product Marketing Manager, Lucy shares how no two days at Vodafone are the same.

What is your current role?

I am currently working as a Junior Product Marketing Manager. I’m getting great insight into the innovation that happens here at Vodafone surrounding the new products we sell to our customers which enable their businesses to succeed.

What is your favourite thing about working at Vodafone?

The people. Vodafone is often described as a 'people business' and it is very collaborative. The more you network and reach out to others, the easier it will be to get the job done more efficiently. Help is always at hand! 

What has been the biggest surprise? 

The graduate reputation that precedes us. We are seen as ‘future talent’ and given fast tracked development opportunities. The business recognises that young, fresh perspectives are integral to growing the business. Your voice can be heard!

What can be challenging about working at Vodafone?  

You can sometimes feel like a small cog in a big machine, wondering if you can make an impact on the business. But if you have the right drive and get involved as much as you can the opportunities to affect change on a global scale are there! You might just need to go out and find them.

Why is Vodafone different?

There is an exciting amount of opportunities within Vodafone and wherever your skills lie there is something for everyone. There is a huge wealth of experienced people here to learn from. Each day brings a new challenge or surprise… one day you’re leading a small team on an exciting project and the next you’re watching Tom Odell busking outside the office for a Vodafone Foundation charity initiative!

Top tip for graduates applying to Vodafone’s Group Discover Programme:

Be confident!! Vodafone wants to invest in bright, young talented individuals and wants to develop them. Stop worrying that you don’t have the right experience or that the subject you studied at University doesn’t seem relevant to Telecoms... Vodafone invests in people and sees the potential quickly in a series of written and verbal assessments. Give it a go!

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