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Laura: Life on Vodafone's Discover graduate scheme

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I currently work in Vodafone Global Enterprise, the division of Vodafone Group that serves our multinational corporate customers.

What other roles have you completed as part of the Graduate Programme?

My experience in Vodafone has been vast, working within Marketing and Programme Delivery. During my first role I worked alongside marketing managers from local markets to form best practice and ensure that global activities were adapted and adopted as required, by those who were responsible for the implementation of marketing campaigns.

My second rotation was within programme delivery. This role was to support high value and complex transformational Vodafone projects. These projects deliver capability to local markets, with the ultimate goal of improving efficiencies and enhancing customer experience. 

What is your favourite thing about working at Vodafone?

I really like the multicultural aspect of Vodafone Group. It’s inevitable you will work with lots of different people from different countries and backgrounds, meaning you get the chance to learn about different cultures, which I love!

What has been the biggest surprise? 

In Vodafone you’re not constricted to stay in your level of hierarchy, in fact it is the very opposite. We are encouraged to reach out to senior managers, and in my experience they have always been very friendly and willing to sit down and have a chat.     

What can be challenging about working at Vodafone?  

Because Vodafone is a global company, time zones can often pose a bit of a challenge!

Why is Vodafone different?

Vodafone promotes flexible ways of working, meaning you have the ability to work from different locations and hours to suit your lifestyle. Because of this, no two days are ever the same which makes it a very exciting place to work!

Top tip for graduates applying to Vodafone’s Group Discover Programme:

Take risks and embrace the challenge!


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