Apply for Couch to Coder 2024: Learn to code from scratch this summer

Applications for Couch to Coder 2024 are now open. Go from complete beginner to confident coder in just 5 weeks and learn the fundamentals of coding and software development. Plus, gain a certificate of completion for your CV and LinkedIn!

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If you understand your skills and the sectors that interest you, the next step is to pinpoint roles and employers that meet your goals. It’s a thought-provoking, challenging process – you’ll need to do industry research and trust your instincts. But it’s worth the effort when you discover the path to your dream career.

This is when your Bright Network membership comes into its own. With exclusive events and special access to 300 top employers, we help you gain industry knowledge and make valuable contacts. There’s also a vast array of information and resources to explore. This section will get you started. Learn how we can help you, and discover how other Bright Network members chose their careers.