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About Brainlabs

Media is no longer about buying power, it’s about brain power. Ad copy isn’t for wordsmiths, it’s for computer scientists running thousands of micro A/B tests to optimise performance. Targeting isn’t guided by marketing intuition, it’s calculated through data analysis. And impact is no longer estimated, it’s measured.

Within 3 years, all media will be bought programmatically. The only survivors of this era will be those with an intuitive understanding of the digital world, those who are data-fluent, tech-mad, and powered by automation.

Since 2012, we've driven remarkable growth for our clients using PPC, programmatic and paid social campaigns. We’ve built a technology stack that removes the manual labour and frees up time for strategy. We’re setting the standard for brand safety and leading the way in transparency: 100% visibility, every penny accounted for, and every complexity simplified.

We do what we think all agencies should do: the stuff that clients couldn’t do better on their own. Sometimes that means managing campaigns; sometimes it means consulting and automating. Either way, our purpose is to help our clients grow, to make them better than they’d be without us. And have some fun while we’re at it.

Welcome to Brainlabs, the agency of the future.

Brainlabs often have live graduate roles and other opportunities for students. Click on the visit website button below to find out more and start your application. Don't forgot to cite you came from Bright Network if you apply.