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About BT

At BT, we’re more than just a broadband company. Millions of people rely on our services every day without realising. The NHS, emergency services, air traffic control, contactless payments in shops and banks – they’d all grind to a halt without our services, technology and innovations. Oh, and we don’t just do this in the UK; we do it in 180 countries around the world.  We’re not an ordinary business, and we don’t do ordinary graduate jobs.  We’re here to create the next big thing in technology and we want to take you on our journey with us.

We’re all about shaping the future with groundbreaking ideas for all of our customers, from your individual phone line customer to FTSE 100 million pound companies. Today, we’re proud to be the UK’s number one tech sector investor in R&D, with 14,000 scientists and technologists leading our relentless quest for innovation. Joining us doesn’t just mean working on brand BT either – we also own EE, and Plusnet too.  

We take our graduate programme seriously; our hires could well be our next leaders, contributing big ideas to our industry and bringing them to life. We ensure that everyone that joins us shares our drive and passion for putting customers at the heart of everything we do and bringing a great contribution to society through work wherever possible. In turn, we really invest in your future with amazing training and development and the opportunity to take your career, well, wherever you want to go!

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