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Dyson started with one man and one idea – a vacuum cleaner without a bag. Frustrated by his existing vacuum and inspired by the cyclone separation he observed at a local saw mill, James Dyson conceived the idea of cyclone technology. After licensing and manufacturing battles, and 5127 prototypes, James went it alone and launched the world’s first bagless vacuum in 1993. Within 18 months, it became the best-selling vacuum in the UK. Twenty years later, Dyson machines are available in 72 countries worldwide.

We employ over 4,000 people; a third of whom are engineers and scientists. We remain market-leaders in the UK, and also in the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and Canada.

We may be bigger now, but Dyson remains close to its engineering roots. We are about “wrong-thinking” – looking at things in a different way, and inventing new solutions to old problems. We are relentless perfectionists that persevere until we get it just right. And we are passionate about new technology. And we’re ambitious.

Dyson is a household name in the UK, where one in three households owns a Dyson. And with a 25-year year plan for new technology, we have a number of exciting new categories planned for 2015 onward. More categories means more bright sparks needed to invent, to tell the story and to get Dyson machines into consumers' hands worldwide.

We’re bigger than ever – but we have no intention of stopping the journey now – so come join us.

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