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Looking for a career that gives you the freedom to choose your own path? ECS Digital could be what you’re looking for.

ECS Digital is one of the fastest growing digital transformation consultancies in the UK. With our foundations in DevOps, Continuous Testing and Software Development, we work with businesses to upskill their teams, improve processes and adopt new tools.

But enough about the technical side. What’s important is you, and where you want to go.

Culture is at the heart of everything we do. This means putting people first and creating spaces in our London Bridge and Edinburgh offices that encourage collaboration, continuous learning and internal initiatives.

It’s true. Our biggest asset is our people. We believe in hiring individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries to make the impossible possible. People who don’t settle for second best and who work and win in teams to deliver the best solutions for our clients. In the words of Andy Cureton, Founder and Managing Director of ECS Digital:

“Our teams are recruited for their DNA as much as their technical ability because honesty and the desire to go the extra mile are key to delivering what we promised, when we promised it, and within the budget agreed.”

We’re also pretty hot on the latest technology and methodology advances. This means there’s every opportunity for you to learn new skills – either through dedicated training courses, or by working on a range of transformation projects.

For those looking to grow their DevOps, software development or testing skills into a successful consultancy career, we offer a dedicated training academy – an intensive training programme designed to fast-track individuals into a career in digital transformation.

Taught over three months, it aims to upskill the next generation in engineering fundamentals. All workshops include a mixture of theoretical and practical exercises to equip participants with both the engineering essentials and professional skills required to shadow one of our transformation projects. You’ll also work on a group project which aims to consolidate all technical and behavioural learning by working in a team to solve a real-life problem.

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