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Martin-Baker has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of ejection and crashworthy seats for over 70 years. A family-run business at our core, we’ve saved over 7,600 lives in our time and have been honoured to receive 11 Queen’s Awards. Our latest designs offer unprecedented life-saving capabilities, with over 17,000 seats currently in service.

Constantly innovating and pioneering ejection seat development, we’ve dedicated all of our years as a family-run business to saving pilots’ lives. As the world’s leading manufacturer of ejection seats and related equipment, we’re the only company to offer a fully integrated escape system that satisfies the very latest in pilot operational capability and safety standards.

Ejection seats are understandably complex: every facet of the safety system must work perfectly to safeguard a precious life, from initiation, escape path clearance, ejection sequencing, stabilisation, life support and parachute descent to final rescue and so much more. We believe that, when an ejection seat may represent a crew member’s last chance to survive, there can be no compromise.

As a company, we’ve delivered over 70,000 ejection seats to 93 air forces around the world. Alongside ejection seats, we’ve also developed a range of special crashworthy seats for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, currently equipping over 60 helicopter variants. Altogether, we’ve managed to save over 7,600 lives.

With facilities around the world, we offer a complete ‘end-to-end service’, from helping the customer establish operational safety and escape requirements to ongoing support throughout the entire service life of the aircraft. Passion for engineering, strong family ties and an extremely loyal and skilful workforce are just a few of the reasons behind our success.

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