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In London since 2002, we work in the UK and Europe, focussing on general and life insurance, and healthcare systems. Our work involves analytics and technology, reserving, risk management and hedging and addresses the retirement predicament.

We help clients address some of the world’s most profound social and business challenges, including the looming retirement crisis, an evolving healthcare landscape, the effects of climate change, and an insurance industry burdened by low interest rates and daunting reporting requirements.

As the risks to businesses and communities around the world grow increasingly complex and unpredictable in the shadow of a global pandemic, we can’t think of more vital work.

n addition to hiring actuarial students, we employ economists, English majors, clinicians, investment consultants, technology experts, 401(k) administrators, and many other bright and motivated specialists forging their own path to success.

With a diversity of practice areas—life insurance and financial services, healthcare, property and casualty, employee benefits, and investment—chances are there's a place for you here. If you join us, you'll be working alongside the best professionals in the industry, while your views will be valued from day one. 

Because it's not about the position you hold—it's about the results you produce.


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