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About WTW

At WTW, our purpose is to transform tomorrows 

We work with the world’s leading organisations in the areas of people, risk and capital to help them solve problems such as:  

  • How do we build a workplace benefits programme that best supports employees? 
  • How can we empower employees with information about their retirement plans, helping them make better decisions? 
  • How can we invest better, in a way that builds a more sustainable planet?  
  • How can we properly insure a yacht in a country with natural disasters, and also insure the yacht’s owner in case of abduction?   

We are a global company of over 46,000 people, with UK offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Ipswich, Leeds, London, Manchester and Reigate. 

We hire graduates and interns in the following areas:   

  • Actuarial Consulting within Insurance, Pensions and Mergers and Acquisitions  
  • Broking Analysts  
  • Investments Consulting 
  • HR Consulting  
  • Insure Tech 

When you join an early careers program at WTW, you’re empowered to develop your skills and make a difference by applying your unique perspective. We fuse our passion, intelligence and imagination to make real impact – confident that behind every one of us is all of us. 

Did you know? 

40% of our directors identify as female 

54.5% of our executive leadership team identify as female 

10% of our directors identify as LGBT+ 

10% of our directors identify as African American and Black 

75% of our board committee chairs are diverse 

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