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We are building a full electric truck specifically to be used in and around cities and urban areas. No tailpipe emissions, no engine noise. And without a bulky diesel engine we’re also able to completely re-design the cabin with a driver-centric approach to make the vehicle safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The driver seat has literally been placed in the center and the cab lowered to optimise the driver’s field of view and to allow easy access on both sides with sliding doors. In short, we’re ripping up the design book on urban trucks and starting again.

Our vision is to be the leader in zero emission transport, reducing the effects of global warming and making our cities safer, healthier and more pleasant for all.

To do this we need our employees to be ambassadors for the mission we’ve set out to achieve. People who share our ambition to deliver innovative, industry-leading full-electric trucks and services, at pace and from the ground-up, and to accelerate industry towards sustainable operations.

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