From people to politics, resources to risk management, delivering a project will always be a mix of obstacles and opportunities, which leaders need to manage.

The webinar provides a free taster session looking at the mix of obstacles and opportunities which leaders need to manage when delivering a project.

Dr Alec Waterworth, lecturer in Project Management will bring to life some of the elements that are involved in great project management.

He will help you understand:

• Why projects succeed or fail

• The Project Life cycle

• Practical decision-making

• Risks and management

• Practical project tools

During the webinar, you'll also get the opportunity to join the programme team as they take you through our new high-energy leadership programme the Manchester Leadership Development Programme.

The programme is designed to accelerate how you as a manger get the best from your business now and in the future.

The team will give you an overview of the five key areas of the programme: Leadership | Talent Development | Finance | Strategy and Innovation | Project Management.

You will also have the opportunity to ask specific questions you have about the programme and what it is like to take part in an Alliance MBS leadership and management course.

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