AlphaSights German Networking & Skills Seminar

By AlphaSights
20 Mar 2024
Consulting, Sales, Recruitment & Commercial
1 Queenhithe, London, EC4V 3DX
Fluent level German

Are you a German-speaking student looking to harness your language skills in your career?

We are planning an exclusive AlphaSights German Networking & Skills Seminar at our London headquarters, register your interest via the link.

This is event is designed to help you unlock how your language skills can drive commercial success and accelerate your professional development. Our event presents a unique chance for you to:

  • Network with AlphaSights German-speaking professionals that have successfully navigated their careers utilising their language skills
  • Gain valuable insights that can propel your own professional journey forward
  • Connect with other ambitious and like-minded German-speaking students studying in London

Expand your network, build relationships and develop key client-focused skills!

Event details

  • Date: Spring TBC
  • Time: 4pm - 6pm BST
  • Location: 1 Queenhithe, London EC4V 3DX

We look forward to meeting you!