If you’ve secured a place on a vacation scheme that’s due to start this summer, it’s likely that you will start your placement online. Or if you’re considering applications for the winter, undertaking a vacation scheme from home may still apply.

This webinar will help you understand the changes and what to expect during a vacation scheme as law firms and practice environments move to dynamic ways of working.

Because of our links to industry and influential law firms, we can share answers and insights that will benefit your vacation scheme placement. The webinar will cover common queries and guidance on:

  • How to prepare
  • How it differs to face-to-face schemes
  • Maximising the prospects of being recruited

About the presenter

Jonny Hurst is a Senior Lecturer in Law at BPP. A qualified solicitor and partner in a top 100 law firm until 2007, Jonny has an instinctive grasp of making complex business issues into engaging sessions. He is also the author of "Becoming a lawyer", which was published in 2013.

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