Current female students (graduating in 2019 or have recently graduated). Unrestricted right to work in the UK after graduation.
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We have teamed up with the world-leading consulting firm, Capgemini, for an exciting event in their Worthing office - exclusively for female Bright Network members. It's your chance to meet bright women in the exciting world of consulting and technology at Capgemini, and give you the skills you need to succeed in this industry as well as at Capgemini. Plus, you'll have the unrivalled opportunity to secure a graduate role on the day for July/September/October 2019.

What will I get from the event?

Get an insight into the culture and day-to-day life at Capgemini and find out if they are the right fit for you.

Capgemini has the opportunity to hire ALL attendees on the day – so this isn’t about being up against another attendee. In fact, you’ll find it impossible to be hired without being collaborative. It’s in their genes!

    What roles are available?

    At Capgemini's Worthing office, they offer amazing opportunities for graduates like you. They are looking for a number of innovators to join them within the following roles:

    Who is the event for?

    • Female Bright Network members graduating in 2019 or have already graduated from recent years
    • Interested in pursuing a career within their Worthing office
    • Have the unrestricted right to work in the UK
    • Any applicants from any academic backgrounds are welcome to apply, essential is that you have an interest and passion for technology


    Start Time: 08:45am
    End Time: We anticipate you will be finished by 2:00pm

    The assessment centre is strength based, and on the day, you will have the opportunity to participate in the following 3 exercises, which will provide you with further insight into what it will feel like to work at Capgemini;

    1. Group Exercise - Work with your team to provide some proposals, discuss best approach and share your conclusions in a group presentation

    2. Micro Exercises - 2 short practical exercises plus a written exercise to assess how you analyse and interpret information

    3. Strength Based Interview - Your opportunity to share that you have the strengths required on an individual basis

    Is Capgemini for me?

    Whichever of the many potential routes you choose to explore with Capgemini, you are guaranteed to enjoy early responsibility as you help to create, develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions to the knottiest business problems. With clients working in different sectors all over the world, you have the chance to exploring sectors you’ve never even considered. Plus you will have opportunities to work with and pick the brains of, many different industry experts along the way.

    If you're a great communicator, thrive to achieve self-development, wants to be involved in a variety of complex and challenging assignments, collaborating with a diverse network of experienced and smart colleagues - Capgemini is for you.

    Why Worthing?

    If you want to get an insight into a day in the life of a graduate at Capgemini's Worthing office? Then read more about Natalie and Meghna's stories on how they secured their dream roles and what they enjoy most about working in the Worthing office! 

    How to Apply?

    To secure your spot at the event, click the apply now button and complete the application form. If your application is successful you'll be sent through to the last and final stage in the process - a digital interview. During these 30 minutes, you'll cover everything from your past experience to what you are looking to in a future role at Capgemini. Spaces are limited, so we recommend you apply as early as possible.

    Will the costs of travel be covered?

    Yes. If you are a successful candidate, travel costs will be covered to and from the event. In addition, if you travel outside of Worthing and need to stay overnight the total cost of travel and a hotel night Capgemini will cover is £150. Reasonable adjustments can be made if necessary, email: ebba@brightnetwork.co.uk for inquiries. (Note: For your tickets, it's public transport only, no first class or taxis will be reimbursed) 


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