Application deadline was 8th December 2021, 6:00pm

Have you ever lacked the confidence to proceed to the next stage of the job application for your dream job? Worried about the assessment process or not being able to learn the role fast enough?

We know that some students when applying for graduate schemes experience these challenges. For example, 72% of females are often concerned about not having enough work experience and black heritage students are significantly less comfortable taking part in online assessments (Black Careers Matter Report, ISE).

As individuals, we are all different and our backgrounds can have an influence in the unique challenges that we face – at Lloyds Banking Group we strive to create a truly diverse and inclusive workforce, and would like to use this event to support students throughout their application journey with us, or elsewhere.

We’ve created our bespoke “Be Yourself” workshop to help you to reach your full potential during the assessment process, allowing you to be yourself and apply for the role you want.

We have a number of Graduate schemes including Commercial Banking, Finance and Risk. If you’re interested in applying for one of these three schemes, haven’t yet made an application and would like to learn more about the schemes, the assessment process, and meet our colleagues - this event is for you!

Subject to meeting certain minimum eligibility criteria and successfully completing the workshop, you may be given the opportunity to be accelerated through the assessment process for the graduate programme of your choice.

This is a one off event designed to cover what to expect during an application process, build confidence, and allow you to progress with LBG.