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Investing in Health and Wellness Webinar: Mastering Virtual Working

By Morgan Stanley
13 May 2021, noon
Financial Services, Investment Banking & Asset Management

Join us as we open up the conversation about health and wellness

Lectures, coursework, exams, reading, extra-curriculars, social commitments and job applications. The demands of today’s university life can place students under immense pressure, especially when transitioning in the world of work. We all know that managing it takes more than a grad-fair, stress ball or an inspirational Instagram caption.

That’s why we’re hosting our health and wellness series: Investing in Health and Wellness. Over the course of the series we’ll be offering you practical advice on small changes that you can make to maintain your mental and physical health while applying for your dream graduate job.

In aide of Mental Health Awareness Week, our webinar will focus on Mastering Virtual Working. Working from home can be life changing, but many people find it difficult to adapt to this new way of working. We will be providing you with hints and tips on remote working and the importance of staying connected.