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TPP Top 50 Warwick event

21 Nov 2017, 6 p.m.
Technology & IT Infrastructure
Warwick University Students

The #TPPtop50 Warwick event will begin on Tuesday 21st November with a free drinks reception in the Panorama Rooms, Rootes Building featuring renowned author Simon Singh. As well as live entertainment, the reception will give you the opportunity to chat to TPP Warwick alumni and find out what it is like to work at the heart of a fast-paced technology company.

Job interviews will take place on campus at Scarman House on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd November, giving you the opportunity to walk away with a £40,000 graduate job by the end of the week.

Other events we are holding at Warwick:


  • 12th October – Evening drinks in Fusion Bar after the careers fair TBC
  • 20th October – TPP event with the Board Games Society TBC
  • 30th October – Pub quiz with the Maths Society TBC
  • 31st October – Interviews


  • 6th November – TPP event with the Physics Society TBC
  • 14th November – Evening drinks in the Fusion Bar after the careers fair TBC
  • 21st November – Simon Singh Top50 event in Panorama Rooms

All of our events are casual, so don’t feel the need to dress up!