Students from KCL, UCL, LSE, QM

Transform Society is a new alliance that exists to increase the number and diversity of graduates entering front-line public service roles; to magnify the benefits those participants receive, and; to amplify their ability to impact the individuals and communities they serve.

Our aim is that these experienced professionals will go on to become leaders in public service, delivering systemic change and realising our shared goal of a fairer society. We are, above all, a movement for change, where public service is recognised as the most effective tool for addressing social inequality.

‘Transform Society’ is an alliance between the organisations Frontline (social work), Teach First (teaching), Police Now (policing), Think Ahead (mental health social work) and Unlocked (prisons).

“Sector Inspiring” events are a new idea for next season and will bring together the Transform Society alliance member to deliver, on key campuses across the UK, a different sort of event. You will hear from actual frontline professionals on key topics like diversity, impact and progression and get the chance to challenge and them on topics that matter to you! Come an join us and experience a different type of panel event which we know you will enjoy.