Do you know all about contentious and non-contentious law? Think you would like to be stuck in doing court runs? Or in the boardroom negotiating a better deal for your client?

Come along and discover the types of law to help give you direction in your career journey. Thinking about being a corporate lawyer, but do you know the types of law? Prefer the idea of being in court or negotiating? How do you decide which law could be an option for you? This workshop we will help you discover your type of law through:

  • Breaking down the differences and exploring the nature of these types of law
  • Focusing on what a typical day looks like within these different types of law and the type of work you could get involved in
  • Experience being a solicitor with a task to help you develop your understanding of the role
  • Bring your questions to a panel of Solicitors who will give practical advice on obtaining a training contract, and life during practice. Let’s discover your type of law