Want to excel in finance and business? ACCA is your pathway to gaining the skills and experience needed. ACCA members are in high demand worldwide. Whether it's handling accounts in healthcare or offering financial advice in renewable energy, employers look for finance professionals in every industry.

With the ACCA Qualification, you learn the skills to succeed in finance. It opens doors to opportunities worldwide, letting you build a rewarding career wherever you want to go.

The ACCA Qualification guides you through a blend of exams, ethics, and hands-on experience. This prepares you to enter the workforce and make a meaningful impact.

What does the ACCA syllabus include?

The ACCA Qualification gives students the most up-to-date skills needed to become a finance and business professional.

It’s made up of three levels of exams, plus an Ethics and Professional Skills module and 36 months of practical experience in a relevant finance or accounting role.

Here’s a rundown of each level, and what they cover:

1. Applied Skills: This is an introduction to the world of finance and accounting, helping you to gain a broad understanding of essential accounting techniques such as effective business operations, management accounting, and financial accounting.

2. Applied Knowledge: At this level, you’ll develop the strong, practical skills that are part of the strategic finance professional’s toolkit – including taxation, financial reporting, and audit.

3. Strategic Professional: The final stage of ACCA will teach you dynamic skills and strategic vision that all great businesses and financial leaders need. Strategic Professional exams also allow you to specialize in areas that best suit your career ambitions.

With the ACCA Qualification, you can…

  • Get global recognition. Because the ACCA qualification is recognized all over the world, your career prospects will be vast wherever you go.
  • Stand out to employers. ACCA qualifications are highly valued by employers, making ACCA professionals in demand. ACCA also currently works with more than 7,900 Approved Employers worldwide, helping you to get into work once qualified.
  • Gain practical, work-based skills. ACCA is designed to equip you for the workplace, helping you develop expertise that’ll help you succeed in a range of accounting and finance roles.
  • Develop valuable business and finance expertise, whilst gaining the ethical judgment to create, protect, and report the sustainable value delivered by organizations and economies.
  • Join a global community of 247,000 ACCA professionals, providing you with the opportunity to build valuable connections all over the world.

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