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Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership

Who is it for?

You want become a more extraordinary and creative leader.

You want to amplify your creative capabilities, so that you can address the increasingly unpredictable business, technological and social challenges that today’s world faces.

And you want to be able to inspire and empower your teams and organisations to take managed 'leaps of faith' that will solve these complex challenges.


You will become one of a new generation of more creative and interdisciplinary leaders, able to provide new forms of structure that make sense of apparent chaos, to drive the future, and to bring about positive change.

You will learn about creativity, leadership and innovation from different disciplinary perspectives – drawing on business, the arts, law, psychology, design and digital.

You will be taught by a cross-functional team of academics and practitioners dedicated to the use of the creativity to improve society.

These academics and practitioners will use novel teaching techniques to bring theories and practices to life, and offer you a wide range of experiences through which to help you to amplify your capabilities.

You will also gain new knowledge and skills for harnessing the creativity of others – colleagues, stakeholders and clients – both within and beyond your organisation.

The outcomes? An ability to deliver breakthrough solutions. A place on the career fast-track in a world where innovation has never been more highly prized. And expertise in the new interdisciplinary frameworks, knowledge, techniques and skills needed to investigate, generate, envision, prototype, critique and reflect on creative solutions to complex, ill-structured and chaotic problems, and provide new forms of intellectual resilience.

Student Consulting Opportunities

Alongside your study you’ll also be able to participate in a range of different creativity and innovation projects running within the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice and the Centre for Creativity Enabled by AI.

Ask a student

Chat to one of our MICL students now and have them answer your questions on everything from application to student life.

Bayes Innovate

For the last few years at Bayes Innovate our Master's in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership postgraduate programme students have had the chance to learn from entrepreneurs and innovators at every stage of their journeys – from fledgling start-ups to global giants.

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