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Looking for a Top Tier Graduate Scheme?

We’ve been patiently waiting for you. Now you’ve finished reading all the other adverts that look the same, check out this opportunity. Are you finishing University and looking for an exceptional Graduate Scheme to get ahead of the curve? Congratulations, you’ve already ticked the first box for us here at DFDS.

No doubt, without even realising, you’re proactive in your search for progress. You’re absolutely the sort of individual that would thrive in our organisation. We seek individuals that take the initiative with their career so that we can give them a clear pathway to success – why wouldn’t we want to make it easy for you? We really care about your career.


The laptop or phone you’re reading this on, your morning coffee, how about that bowl of cereal or slice of toast? All products you can visually see, use, or not give much thought to in a day, have all been part of a supply chain at some point. This would not be possible without companies like DFDS. Why is this important? If you’re looking for an organisation that can invest heavily in your professional development, you need a company that isn’t going to disappear when times get hard.

Did you know we’ve been operating (and growing) consistently for over 155 years? How many businesses can say that? Our expertise over 20 plus countries, enables us to move millions of tonnes of cargo on our ships annually, and we also transport over four and a half million passengers across our nine passenger routes. Even the annual Christmas Tree for Trafalgar Square comes from Oslo to the UK on one of our ships – we’re not a one trick Pony!

Moving people and goods by land and sea, leaves a large carbon footprint. At DFDS it is our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and to secure a more sustainable future for the generations to come. For example, we currently have 95 electric trucks in operation, making it one of Europe's largest heavy-duty electric truck fleets, which helps us when ‘Moving together towards 2030.’

How does the scheme work?

You’ll be enrolled on to a two-year programme that is broken down into four six-month placements across the UK & Ireland in every corner of our business. It’s important to take note that you will need to relocate for each of these placements and we’ll need you to hold a full driving licence and have access to a vehicle.

If you’re not comfortable with this, the scheme probably isn’t right for you currently. We do what we say we’ll do, so invest yourself into this programme and the future will look bright. We learn, develop, and improve every day and we’re always looking to raise the bar, so expect plenty of positive input from us.

With purpose, we place you in different roles, in various locations across the country to really fast-track your professional development whilst serving our customers with passion. You could find yourself working in Operations, Customs, Shipping, Finance, Transport, Passenger, Logistics, IT, Marketing or HR amongst others.

An example of your placement process could start off with our Business Change team in Immingham. After this, you could find yourself travelling up north to join the skilled Marketing team in Newcastle, maybe a small trip west to join the experts from our Logistics Operations team near Liverpool, then finishing your journey with the market leading Freight Sales Support or Transformation teams in Dover.

As you’ll be working away from home, your dedicated mentor will help guide you through the process, they’ll also give you exposure to further structured learning programmes that will prepare you for the end of the course and your first step into a career role. If we see a problem, we fix it and we listen before making decisions - rest assured you’ll be in good hands with our team.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll receive a competitive starting salary for your first year, this rises (automatically) as you enter your second year, with the business. You’ll have a plethora of benefits including life assurance cover, a contributory company pension scheme, and the flexibility to purchase extra holidays to truly indulge in your leisure time.

But that's not all. We recognise the importance of good health and wellbeing for all DFDS colleagues and offer a wide range of mental, physical, and financial wellbeing benefits, as well as lifestyles benefits and colleague perks. You'll have access to face-to-face counselling, a fast 24/7 GP service, a second medical opinion, and legal support for you and your loved ones.

As if that wasn't enough, you'll also get to enjoy free ferry travel for up to four guests between Dover and Calais, as well as Newcastle and Amsterdam, with no limit on trips. And when you're on board, take advantage of our exclusive discounts at our duty-free shops. We understand that student discounts are hard to give up, which is why we're excited to offer you an extensive range of retail discounts from your favourite high street and online retailers.

What do I do next?

Click apply, it really is that simple. We understand that searching for your career role is daunting, so we make this as seamless and easy as possible. Come and join us and be part of ‘a great place to work’.

Who are DFDS?

At DFDS, we keep Europe moving providing the safe, reliable, and efficient movement of people and goods - more than 12,000 colleagues, all committed to transforming our business into a greener and more digitised operation. We are proud of our role as part of the critical infrastructure serving customers and communities across Europe and further afield.

Through a wide range of freight services from ferry to complex logistics and transport solutions. For millions of passengers, we provide safe overnight and short sea ferry services, alongside working in a vast number of industries ranging from automotive, metals, forest products to chemicals. Those parcels delivered to your door, that we all love to receive, may have come on one of our ships.

We know that the strongest teams are built on diversity and inclusivity. That’s why we encourage the development of diverse and talented teams, giving colleagues the room to be themselves and excel in what they enjoy most. We want everyone to contribute with their unique points of view, regardless of who they are or where they come from: everyone should have the same opportunities.

Be part of DFDS and be part of the movement.

About DFDS UK Ireland

We are a transport and logistics company providing the safe, reliable and efficient movement of people and goods - more than 12,000 colleagues, all committed to transforming our business into a greener and more digitised operation. We are proud of our role as part of the critical infrastructure serving customers and communities across Europe and further afield.

Be part of DFDS and be part of the movement.