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Divisional Spring Internship

Investment & Asset Management, Financial Services, Investment Banking
24th November 2019

Divisional Spring Internship

Challenge yourself in a dynamic, diverse, and creative environment this spring. This two-week program will give you an insight into our firm and a wider range of career opportunities within financial services. After you complete this program you can explore our longer internship opportunities.  

Who can apply

This program is suited for first-year students on a three-year course and second-year students on a four-year course. While your discipline or degree major is not important, we are looking for individuals who can balance teamwork and competition, intensity and integrity, intellectual curiosity and leadership potential with a passion for excellence and an interest in the financial markets. 

About the program

This two-week program will give you experiences in a wide range of financial service functions including job shadowing opportunities and case study assignments. Programs held in London will be hosted by the following divisions: 

  • Engineering   
  • Global Investment Research
  • Investment Banking
  • Consumer & Investment Management
  • Operations
  • Securities