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Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to work in HSBC Finance alongside industry experts. Contribute to high impact initiatives and programmes, and gain valuable insights that will shape your future in finance.

What you'll do

Your role will be dynamic and diverse. You’ll be working on key initiatives to understand how Finance maintains the stability of HSBC and supports its growth across 62 countries and territories.

You’ll get hands-on experience of how the Finance function has an impact on shaping the success of HSBC through financial decisions that ensure the efficient allocation of resources, strategic planning and more.

You will play a crucial role to produce insightful analysis and reports, collaborate with various teams and actively contribute to key programmes.

You will acquire the skills essential for a versatile and fulfilling career that opens a world of opportunity.

Upon successful completion of your internship, you could have the opportunity to join our graduate programme the following year.

Who you are

You’re good at analysing complex data and drawing out meaningful insights. You’re flexible, adapt well to new situations and communicate clearly. You have a basic understanding of financial statements or the capability to learn these basics quickly. You have a passion for innovation and like figuring out how to do things differently. You’re studying an academic background with strong ties to financial management or a STEM-related degree.

What you'll learn

  • You’ll develop an understanding of financial analysis techniques, interpreting financial statements and assessing market trends.
  • You’ll learn to provide strategic advice by collaborating with diverse teams across HSBC.
  • You’ll gain insights into how financial data informs key decision-making processes, contributing to the success of strategic initiatives.
  • You'll gain insights into innovative tools and approaches transforming the finance industry.
  • You’ll have plenty of opportunities for continuous learning and people to support you during your time with us so that you’re well-prepared for your future.

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