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At Norstella, our mission is simple: to help our clients bring life-saving therapies to market quicker—and help patients in need.

Founded in 2022, but with history going back to 1939, Norstella unites best-in-class brands to help clients navigate the complexities at each step of the drug development life cycle —and get the right treatments to the right patients at the right time.

Each organization (Citeline, Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo, The Dedham Group) delivers must-have answers for critical strategic and commercial decision-making. Together, via our market-leading brands, we help our clients:

  • Citeline – accelerate the drug development cycle
  • Evaluate – bring the right drugs to market
  • MMIT – identify barrier to patient access
  • Panalgo – turn data into insight faster
  • The Dedham Group – think strategically for specialty therapeutics

By combining the efforts of each organization under Norstella, we can offer an even wider breadth of expertise, cutting-edge data solutions and expert advisory services alongside advanced technologies such as real-world data, machine learning and predictive analytics.

As one of the largest global pharma intelligence solution providers, Norstella has a footprint across the globe with teams of experts delivering world class solutions in the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Japan, China and India.

Job description

In this role as an Analyst, you will be based in the J+D forecasting team. This team work alongside Pharmaceutical Forecasters, Analysts, Business Insights Managers and Marketing Departments to create forecasting solutions that meet the needs of both individuals and pharmaceutical companies.

This is a 24- week internship programme.

  • You will work on a range of projects and be involved in supporting the wider J+D team in project management, inputting into the design of solution scoping documents, helping with the analysis of data, solution testing and report writing, as and when required. It is expected that you will play an important role in supporting the delivery of our forecasting platform, FC365, and our custom forecast models.
  • You will work within a small team of 2-5 individuals, supporting the team throughout the delivery of these projects and liaising with the client where necessary to ensure expectations are managed and project deliverables handed over on time and to a very high standard.
  • You will personally be involved in regular team meetings, both internal and external, such as project status updates and training sessions with clients– in addition you will be responding to customers queries and have opportunity to be involved in non-project specific activities, such as testing latest SaaS software updates, completing ad hoc analysis to support product development, etc.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • By becoming an integral member of the J+D team, forming strong and productive working relationships across all key departments
  • By gaining an understanding of the principles of pharmaceutical forecasting, the steps to creating a forecast and the different types of forecasts
  • By positively contributing to projects through a range of activities and developing customer relationships
  • And other duties as assigned.

Key requirements

  • You will be expected to have good communication skills and to be organized and efficient in managing your workload, covering multiple projects at the same time.
  • You will be expected to work to tight deadlines, have a good eye for detail and strong interpersonal skills
  • It will be important that you have strong customer relationship skills, are responsive and proactive, with a commitment to the delivery of the highest quality of care and service.
  • It will also be beneficial that you are familiar with all aspects of Microsoft, in particular Excel, and extremely comfortable reviewing, analyzing and interpreting large volumes of numerical information.

What an internship at Norstella can offer you

A successful internship typically involves a combination of personal growth, skill development, and meaningful contributions to the organization. Here's what to expect during your time at Norstella:

  • Learning Opportunities: You will be provided with ample opportunities for learning and skill development. You’ll gain new knowledge about your field of study or interest through hands-on experience, mentorship, training sessions, and exposure to real-world projects.
  • Meaningful Projects: You can expect challenging tasks and projects that are relevant to your skills and interests, allowing you to make meaningful contributions to the organization. These projects will range dependent upon department and experience.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: As a Norstella intern, you will be assigned a buddy, outside of your department, who will help navigate challenges, set goals, and develop professionally.
  • Networking Opportunities: Networking can lead to future job opportunities and valuable professional relationships. During your time with Norstella, you will participate in a 3-day professional learning onsite conference to connect with fellow interns and other professionals within the Norstella organization.
  • Growth Through Feedback and Evaluation: Regular feedback sessions are essential to understand strengths, areas for improvement, and progress toward your goals. Frequent and meaningful feedback will help develop your skills, ensuring you make the most of your internship experience.

Overall, a successful internship at Norstella is one where you will have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experiences, contribute meaningfully to the organization, and leave with a positive impression of both the company and the field in which you are interning.