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Police Now is an independent charity with a mission to transform communities by recruiting, developing and inspiring leaders in policing.

Since 2015, we have recruited, trained and developed over 1,000 police officers, posting them in neighbourhood roles in some of England and Wales’ most deprived communities. Our outstanding participants play an important role in supporting the nation’s police in their efforts to increase the number of officers across England and Wales and to drive positive change. At Police Now, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything that we do, we believe that to truly transform communities, it is important to have police officers as diverse as the communities that they serve so that even the most vulnerable will thrive.

Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme will offer you a career opportunity like no other. As a neighbourhood police officer, you will develop leadership skills for life. You’ll be placed in a unique and challenging environment, where you will make a real and lasting difference to some of the most vulnerable communities in England and Wales.

Throughout the two-year programme, you’ll be a visible leader in your community. You will develop skills in negotiation, problem-solving, decision-making, and emotional intelligence in your role as a neighbourhood police officer. At the end of the two years, you will have a number of exciting opportunities waiting for you. You’ll be able to continue in your neighbourhood policing role, move to one of the other vast arrays of roles within policing, apply to join the National Policing Fast Track Programme run by the College of Policing, or leave policing altogether for a career within sectors such as security or charity. Whichever pathway you choose, Police Now is an ever-growing family for which you will be an ambassador and alumni member of our network.

What you’ll get from us 

  • Basic Police Constable starting salaries are between £21,402-£24,780, plus additional allowances, depending on the force location. Your salary will rise each year in line with Home Office guidelines, where you can expect to earn up to £40,000 within six years.
  • You can receive location allowances of up to £6,735 depending on the force.
  • 22 days paid annual holiday, rising to 30 days a year with the length of service plus public holidays and an average of at least two rest days each working week. You can also expect other forms of leave including maternity, paternity and adoption leave and the option of taking a career break of up to five years.
  • In the second year of your programme, you’ll have an opportunity to apply for an external secondment of up to four weeks or internal attachment within your force
  • Automatic enrolment onto the Police Pension Scheme 2015, which is among the best around. This is not compulsory, and you can opt-out if you wish.
  • To enhance your training, you will be allocated a Leadership Development Officer to help support the development of your leadership skills throughout the two years.
  • You will also have regular opportunities to present the impact you have made in your community to policing colleagues and corporate partners.
  • Other benefits such as free travel, private healthcare depending on the force
  • Continuous training and development such as the opportunity to apply to become a mentor during the programme, become a programme ambassador after the programme or progress onto other roles within policing or in other sectors.

You’ll be there: to act, when action is needed; protect, when protection is required; drive change, when change is necessary.

Are you ready to make a lasting impact in your community?

Police Now are currently closed for applications. However, you can still register your interest below to receive the latest updates.

Join us. Change the story.