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Job responsibilities

This internship offers a unique opportunity to help embed a stronger focus on human performance and human behavior in all that we do in HSE (Health Safety and Environment) at SLB.

As an intern you will be working in the global HSE team to help implement and deliver on our 5 year vision of integrating more human factors/behavioral science into the function. This will include, but not limited to:

  • Working on a variety of projects to design and evaluate behavior change interventions/strategies focused on improving safety and/or health of our employees.
  • Integrating human factors/human-centered design thinking into our systems, tools and processes, to improve the impact of these (ensuring they are designed with human decision-making and motivational aspects in mind).
  • Working on projects related to improving safety culture, fatigue management, risk assessments.
  • Working closely with our central communications team to create/deliver training content and knowledge dissemination about relevant human factors/human behavior topics that are relevant to our HSE function (i.e., help to upskill HSE managers with knowledge in a variety of HF related topics).
  • Engaging with frontline staff at SLB as well as managers about "human performance" topics.

You will gain vast experience of applied human factors and/or behavioral science as it applies to improving the safety, health and well-being of our workforce, work closely with safety professionals and end-users to apply your human factors and/or behavioral science knowledge to real-world challenges in an international business context.


  • Leading by example: Strongly protects and acts as guardian to our Values, Policies and HR Principles and encourages employees to do the same.
  • Visible and accessible: Is visible, approachable and available to all employees.
  • Results oriented: Delivers the right thing, on time, with quality and accuracy.
  • Proactive: Identifies, assesses and addresses potential issues in the workplace. Actively promotes continuous improvement of HR Policies and Standards.
  • Responsive: Commits to keep employees and managers informed of status of queries, issues, or concerns, and follows up through closure.
  • Trustworthy: Establishes a relation of trust with employees through openness, adherence to commitments, and maintains confidentiality.


We are looking for an intern with a a passion and enthusiasm to apply their knowledge about all things "human" to the field of health and safety.

This can be human factors or from a related field such as behavioral science in which your focus has been on understanding human motivation and decision-making and applying this to create and evaluate real-world solutions. We are looking for a passionate and dedicated intern to join our team and contribute to our ongoing strategy related to human performance.

  • Undergraduate degree in human factors (applied to safety) or applied psychology/behavioral science (with a focus on either industrial psych or behavior change), and/or a postgraduate degree or qualification in human factors (applied to safety contexts) or applied Behavioral Science/Behavior Change.
  • Experience and knowledge of health and safety contexts is useful but not essential - but a willingness and enthusiasm to apply your human factors/behavioral science knowledge to this topic is essential.
  • Strong communications skills, both written and verbal is essential, as you will need to feel comfortable engaging with a variety of stakeholders as part of projects.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills. This internship will require data collection and analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative data (some training will be provided on this as part of the internship but some knowledge and experience will be helpful).
  • Experience in designing and evaluating behavior change interventions is a strong asset (not essential)

SLB is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.