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Computer Systems Engineering Industrial Placement Scheme 2024

DEADLINE 11th December 2023

Engineering at Toyota isn't about nuts and bolts. It's much more about having imagination plus the dedication to keep developing the best processes and products. We encourage our engineers to look at things from every angle to find better ways of working. That's always been the Toyota Way - as our founder Sakichi Toyoda put it: "Inspiration comes from many places. We need to have our eyes, our minds and our hearts open to things we interact with every day, so open your window to the world." You can see that commitment reflected in cars like the Corolla. It's what makes Toyota a great place for inquisitive engineers to sharpen their skills.

The Automotive Industry is changing more rapidly than ever, and Toyota is investing in digitalisation and other new technology to improve their manufacturing process.

Your time here

The Toyota Industrial Placement programme will stretch your problem-solving skills and introduce you to people at all levels, all over the business. It is designed to help you develop your professional and personal capabilities prior to your final year at university and give an opportunity to gain experience as an industry professional. It's a challenging scheme, but you’ll receive plenty of support from your mentor, managers, and colleagues. 

You will be working within the Assembly Systems & Logistic Operations team, who are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the information systems within the Assembly Shop. These systems transfer vehicle data around site and visualise production status in various ways. The team is also responsible for implementing breakthrough technology to improve logistics performance. The AS&LOE Team work closely with other Engineering teams and IS teams to support the production of the best quality vehicle possible.

Potential projects include

  • Implementation of a global cyber security strategy.
  • Shop floor network investigations.
  • Researching, specifying and implementing new IS systems.
  • Upgrading systems already in use whilst protecting production with appropriate risk management.
  • Rapid response to shop floor incidents that are affecting production.

What we look for

Alongside having a consistently strong academic record, with a minimum 2:1 predicted degree result*, we are looking for people who actively want to learn from others and are motivated to take on new challenges with a positive mindset. We believe that there's always a better way, therefore if you share our values and thrive on analysing problems from different angles to develop solutions, you could go a long way with us. Similarly, taking a practical approach to your work is important – you will need to be as comfortable on the shop floor as you are in the office.

* Computer science degree, Computer networking degree, Computer systems degree or similar degree discipline required

Additional requirement

 Right to live and work in the UK & ideally UK driving license.

DEADLINE 11th December 2023