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After your initial induction, which lasts a few days, you will start in your department for your first seat of your training contract.

Trainees sit with either a partner or senior associate who have the skills and technical knowledge to develop trainees to the best of their ability. We think our skill is in assessing your ability very early on, and pitching the work to challenge and push you, without pushing you too far too soon. The aim of the training contract is to ensure you are a confident, knowledgeable and good quality commercial lawyer to whom we would like to offer a position at the end of the two years.

First year trainees

We choose where first year trainees will sit. There are a few reasons for that. The most important is that many trainees start with an idea of what areas of law they will like/won’t like, usually based on what they studied at law college. In practice, it can be a very different experience and we want to give you a broad look at many areas of law – to guarantee you find the right area of law for you. Other reasons include matching trainees to supervisors, and complying with SRA regulations.

Second year trainees

In the second year, trainees choose their final 3 seats. This means you can tailor your second year around where you think you need experience and where you would like experience and exposure.


Once the two years is finished, we want to offer as many jobs on qualification as possible. We carry out this exercise early, so trainees know where the jobs are and know early on where they will qualify so they can tailor the latter end of their training contract.