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With just 24% STEM jobs filled by women, our herSTEM Hub is a dedicated space to help our female and non-binary members learn about the STEM careers available to them and support their journey to accessing their dream career.

With the gender gap remaining high within all STEM industries, we’re here to empower you to discover what you have to offer and the opportunities available to you. Through our herSTEM Hub you have access to exclusive advice from women leading in the STEM sector, advice articles and free courses to help you accelerate your success and explore STEM.






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Bright Network members and their STEM journeys


Emily, Technology graduate

Learn from Emily, a graduate working in a technology programme with HSBC. She explains how her extra-curricular activities were important in helping her succeed and how you can do so too.

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Lauren, Environmental scientist

Read about Lauren, a Bright Network member working as an environmental scientist. She shares what her work involves, the most surprising part of her job and her advice on how you can succeed too.

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