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Want to know how much you should be earning? Thinking about asking for a pay rise? Use our free salary calculator tool to check the average salaries for your role in the UK.

Compare salaries across locations and sectors
Find out what you could be earning depending on location and the industry you work in
See how your salary compares to the industry average
Discover what you should be earning in your role and find out how your company compares
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Get paid the right amount for your role
Don't get left behind - find an employer that pays you what you deserve

Use our free, interactive tool to see how your graduate salary compares to averages in your sector, and get other useful insights too.

Find out how much you should be earning and compare salaries

How does the salary calculator work?

We've pulled salary data from recent grads in our network to make sure you're getting the most accurate and up-to-date salary recommendations for your early career. Get insights into the type of salary you could be earning based on location and sector so you can make informed decisions about your graduate career.