Ayomiposi's success story: Securing an industrial placement at UBS

Created on 26 Jun 2024

Ayomiposi is a Computer Science student from the University of Nottingham. He secured a Technology Industrial Placement Programme at UBS through Bright Network.

First, we’d love for you to tell us a little about yourself.

“My name is Ayo and I’m a Computer Science student. I love solving problems, helping people and I’m fascinated by technology.”

“Tech has connected the world more than ever before and I want to be involved in those connections.” 

What motivated you to apply for this role?

“I applied for this role because it offered real-world experience connecting the company and its clients.

I welcome the challenge of creating something and working on projects that will improve things for real people.”

How did Bright Network help you secure your role?

“I used Bright Network to sort through and find placement roles that were right for me, which is how I ended up finding and applying for this placement.

I also used Bright Network to monitor deadlines and keep track of applications I had made.”

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What are you most proud of about your journey?

“I made a lot of applications during my search, so it was easy to get disheartened when I received rejections.”

“I’m proud of myself for pushing through and not giving up.”

“I felt so relieved and excited when I finally received an offer, a weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

What are your tips for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

“I would recommend practicing common interview questions, as a few interviews started quite poorly for me because I made no effort to prepare.”

“I would also recommend using Bright Network to find opportunities. Having all the links available in one place made finding what I wanted a lot easier compared to scouring the internet alone.”

Tell us about the future. What's next?

"I’m looking forward to undergoing my placement. I want to develop my social and technical skills even more and I’m excited to learn lots of new aspects of the role."

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