How I did it: Bright Network member Rob lands internship at PwC

Created on 4 Jul 2017

We caught up with engineering student Rob who recently secured an internship in cyber security at PwC. Read his experience below and top tips for applications. 

Why did you choose this firm and this role?

I want to use my interest in programming and experience after I finish Uni. The cyber security internship sounded particularly interesting, so I applied. I learned more about the company at each stage of the application process and became more and more interested in the company. I was offered the role after the final interview and knew I couldn’t turn it down.

What was the toughest part of the application process? And your favourite part?

The toughest part was definitely the group exercise on the assessment day. It was a mixture of working together as a group for a common cause while competing each member of the group to get your own opinion heard and come across well to the employer. I found that being myself, listening to each of the group members and only inputting an opinion when it was actually relevant led to my success at this stage. The easiest part was actually the final interview. I was extremely nervous before-hand but the interviewer was a really down to earth guy and I relaxed as soon as we started talking. From that point, I was able to get across everything I wanted to say and bring up my relevant experiences.

Were you surprised by anything in the process?

I was most surprised by how quickly they got back to me after every stage. At the first interview stage, the interviewer told me the department had 10,000 more interviews to conduct that week, and yet they still managed to get back to me within 3 days with the outcome of my interview.

What three top tips would you give your fellow Bright Network members?

Tip 1: Be confident with your abilities.

Tip 2: Take all the feedback you recieve into account.

Tip 3: Don't be put off by rejections.

What's your lucky charm or pre-interview ritual?

A nice hot coffee.

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