Securing a graduate role with PwC - Top tips from Kathy, a Tax Associate

Created on 13 Jun 2017

We had a brief chat with Kathy to find out exactly how she made it into the world of PwC as a Tax Associate. 

Talk us through your journey so far

In my first year I was very keen to start getting experience in Professional Services. I looked for some shadowing experience and PwC were unique in the opportunities they had on offer. From that point on I enjoyed my experiences and involvement with PwC more and more. 

I secured the graduate scheme after completing a summer internship last year. My internship was in assurance but I was keen to learn more about tax so I asked to broaden my horizons by completing some work in that department.

After that I knew I wanted to apply to work as part of the tax graduate scheme. 

For my week of shadowing I had to complete an online application, numerical and logical reasoning tests, a telephone interview and then attend an assessment centre. I was fortunate because normally you have two partner interviews - one post-internship and then one for the graduate role - however I only had to complete one during the application process for the grad role.

What did you take from the application process?

I found that it was incredibly helpful to practice the numerical and logical tests online. I also looked up details online for tips of assessment centre techniques and generally researched other experiences, similar to what was coming up.

I didn’t prepare for the written report or group discussion – as there is not a huge amount you can do in advance. However, I think all of these things helped ease the pressure running up to the assessment centre – particularly as I hadn’t done anything like this before. 

Perhaps one thing I realised was that the time allocated for the written reports is much shorter than you expect it to be. Don’t get caught out!

Once you’re on-board, however, shape your experience to what you want it to be. Be proactive. I went in as assurance and came out as tax. Firms reward initiative and drive. 


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