Juanita's success story: Securing technology experience at Waterstons

Created on 26 Jun 2024

Juanita is a Mathematics with Accounting student from Birbeck, University of London. She secured technology experience at Waterstons through Bright Network.  

First, we’d love for you to tell us a little bit about yourself.  

"Mathematics is a subject I've always excelled in and enjoyed, and with tutoring experience from a young age, I felt that mathematics was the best subject for me to pursue."

"My motivation for entering the technology sector emerged from my exploration of career options during my final year at university. With the help of Bright Network, I navigated through different sectors and narrowed my interests to finance and technology."

"While my love for numbers made finance an attractive option, the technology career path was more appealing to who I am as a person, as it offers endless opportunities for growth and innovation."

What motivated you to apply for the role?  

"I was particularly attracted to the company because its graduate programme includes a rotation of teams, which allows graduates to explore different business areas and decide on a specialisation, which is ideal for someone like me with no prior experience."

"I was also drawn to the company’s emphasis on its people and work environment. When I visited their office, the atmosphere was welcoming and inclusive with everyone being incredibly friendly."

"Even the CEO engaged in light-hearted conversations during the Q&A session. This sort of positive and supportive environment assured me that Waterstons was a place I could thrive." 

What was the application process like?  

“I was invited to participate in a video interview and although I was nervous, the company put me at ease by asking me questions that showed they were interested in me as an individual.  

Following the successful video interview, I went to an assessment centre at their London office, where I had to prepare a presentation. I dedicated significant time to practising my presentation and although they sense some nerves, I received positive feedback.

The company’s approach reassured me that they were looking for individuals who would fit well into their organisational culture, rather than just focusing on qualifications alone.” 

How did Bright Network help you secure your role?

“Bright Network provided a range of graduate roles to choose from and sent me emails regarding all the new openings.”    

What are your tips for people looking to follow in your footsteps?  

"Perseverance is crucial in this journey. The process can be daunting when faced with numerous rejections and minimal feedback." 

"Every application represents a new opportunity, so it’s essential to keep applying and not lose heart."

"If I could do things differently, I would have maintained a detailed record of all my applications. Having a well-organised system would have helped me identify patterns to analyse my approach."

Tell us about the future. What’s next?  

“I’m looking forward to perfecting my skills and striving to becoming an expert in my field.  

I’m most excited about the chance to continuously develop and contribute meaningfully to my team and clients. I am also eager to explore various aspects of the industry, from cybersecurity to analysis and consultancy.

Additionally, I plan to take full advantage of any training programmes, mentorship opportunities and collaborative projects available to continually improve and stay ahead in my career.” 

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Bright Network member, Juanita
Juanita, Birkbeck, University of London
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