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Sustainability at Bright Network events

As we've moved back to in-person events, sustainability is very front of mind. We're implementing initiatives to improve our carbon footprint, and continuously thinking of ways to make our events more environmentally friendly. 

What we're doing at the moment:

  • Digital programmes to cut down our paper and energy usage
  • Avoiding red meat and favouring vegetarian and vegan options when choosing food for our events
  • Recycling name tags and lanyards of members and employer representatives
  • Avoiding laminating posters to reduce plastic use and recycling as much as we can
  • Avoiding use of disposable cups and cutlery wherever possible
  • Reviewing how much merchandise is necessary and sourcing eco-friendly products
  • Advising our employer partners to reduce the amount of merchandise they bring to our events, opt for eco-friendly options and consider alternative types of giveaways
  • Running some of our events virtually to reduce Bright Network's and our members' carbon footprint

What we're focusing on improving long-term:

  • Working with our venues to reduce food waste
  • Digital or longer-lasting solutions for any remaining paper signage

Have feedback on our event sustainability or ideas for how we can improve? Get in touch by emailing with the subject line 'Sustainability feedback'.