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How to make the most of a Bright Network event - top tips from our Events Team

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Whether it's your first time attending a networking event, or you've lost count, the golden rule still stands: preparation is key.

The Bright Network events team have shared their top tips for preparing for and making the most of our events...

Vivian: Be open to exploring all the employers and the opportunities they have available. You never know what might be a good fit in terms of role, culture, progression opportunities, and more. Many of our members have found a company or opportunity they hadn't previously considered by just being open to a conversation at our events!

Edwina: Take notes! You'll attend insightful skills sessions and speak to many employer representatives. Jot down anything that stands out to you (top tips, firm details) as you may want a recap on everything you've learnt over the course of the day.

Katie: Follow up on any connections you make. If you have a great conversation with a firm representative or share similar interests with one of your peers, make sure you connect on LinkedIn so you can follow up with them after the event. It's important to grow your network - you never know what that will lead to later in your career!

Jen: Take time to read the digital event programme we send you. It is a comprehensive programme including everything you need to know ahead of the event. By taking a look ahead of the event, it can help you prepare and understand who exactly are the employers attending, what to expect in each session and speaker details - helping you to think of any questions you may have in advance.

Rachel: Use the Guild group (the online community space created for each event) to get to know other members before the event. Previous event attendees have told us that they found it really helpful to prepare and made them feel much less nervous, especially if they were coming to London on their own for their first networking event. We share information about the event in the group, plus there will be content from the employers attending so if you're unsure how to start preparing, this is a good place to get started.

Nat: Make friends. Meeting people from other universities with similar interests will help start building your network. Following each other's journeys could inspire you or give you ideas on how to kickstart your career.

Hester: Research the employers attending the event in advance so you: 1) have some context for what they do, 2) can ask thoughtful questions, and 3) make an excellent first impression.


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