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Accessibility and inclusivity at Bright Network events

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Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are at the heart of Bright Network's mission. We strive to make our events as accessible and inclusive as possible, whether they are online or in person. 

In-person events

Accessibility measures:

  • Fully wheelchair accessible venues
  • Dedicated support page highlighting accessibility at the venue, including accessible entrances and the venue's more specific guidance
  • Reserved seating at the front of sessions for attendees who are hard of hearing or are visually impaired
  • Live closed captioning on screen
  • First aider onsite
  • Gender-neutral toilets (these are currently available at the majority of the venues we host events at; however, we're still working on ensuring they're available at 100% of our venues)

Inclusivity initiatives:

  • Prayer room available at all venues
  • Quiet space available at all venues
  • Reserved seating at the back of the speaker room for attendees with anxiety, autism or something else and would benefit from being near the exit
  • Mental health first aider onsite
  • Pronouns on name tags for members and employer representatives (for those who choose to opt-in)
  • Audio descriptions of event speakers


Virtual events

Accessibility measures:

  • Dedicated support page highlighting accessibility on the platform and how to use it
  • Live closed captioning available on the virtual event platform
  • Helpdesk open throughout the event where attendees can go to speak to a member of the Bright Network team and get support

Inclusivity initiatives:

  • Mental health first aider available via the Helpdesk on the virtual events platform
  • Option to add pronouns to your profile on the virtual events platform
  • Audio descriptions of event speakers


If you have any feedback on our accessibility and inclusivity initiatives, or ideas of how we can improve, please get in touch by emailing with the subject line 'Accessibility and inclusivity feedback'. Additionally, if you're attending one of our events and require extra support, please let us know via the aforementioned email.