Technology consulting skills you need to get into the sector

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The Technology sector offers a fast-paced environment, a great living wage and the chance to work with the latest tech. But what skills are needed to thrive? Whether you enjoy being client-focused and problem-solving technical issues or designing new software that can effectively update a business’ day-to-day running, we’ve outlined some of the key technology consulting skills that students and recent graduates need to break into this cutting-edge sector.

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What technology consulting skills do I need?

Attention to detail

To work in technology consulting you need a good eye for spotting mistakes and errors that could have a disastrous impact. Say you’re installing new software or you miss an important error from a business’s data. It’s great to view the bigger picture, but technology consulting is all about the small details!

Analytical skills

You may not be building new systems from the get-go, but you’ll likely be analysing data that will impact new systems and client decisions. Employers don’t expect you to love number crunching, but it’s beneficial to have good numerical analytical skills too.

Work under pressure 

Technology consulting can lead to time-sensitive situations, especially if a business needs you to remove a virus or fix an issue with their software, stopping them from running their business. 

Problem-solving skills

A technology consultant needs to identify faults and find a solution to fix it. Clients may ask you to help find more effective ways of communicating or quicker solutions, so you must keep up to date with the latest tools to understand how to fix their problem and deal with it professionally. 

Verbal and written communication 

Technology consultants are the first contact point for clients so you need effective communication to understand what they need. Technology consulting project managers need communication skills to liaise with the team to ensure everyone knows their task and goals.

Ability to multitask

Depending on your employer or client list, technology consultants are busy people. You must learn to juggle multiple tasks and projects at once because your clients will want different things after all. You could be writing reports or presenting information to clients, to brainstorming client objectives and how to reach them. Be on your A-game.

Time management

To juggle multiple tasks at once, you need excellent time management skills. Time management is about prioritising your time effectively so you can get the work done when it’s needed. 

Technically savvy

This is one of the more obvious skills, but technology consulting isn’t just about dealing with clients. You must fix the reason they come to you - from repairing computer viruses, designing new systems to training users with new technology. You need to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends so you’re ready for anything! 

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What technology consulting skills do employers look for?

Depending on your exact role title, your skills may differ slightly. But, technology consulting employers look for candidates with analytical ability, attention to detail, the ability to build effective relationships with colleagues and clients and a passion for technology or problem-solving. Several firms choose to hire graduates who don’t tick every single skill box. This allows them to train you how their business runs in the hope that you stay at the company and use those skills you just learnt. But, those skills are often transferable and required by other companies, so it’s good to learn in a professional environment - internships and industrial placements are great for this!

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How can I gain technology consulting skills?

Several top technology firms like HP, BT and Goldman Sachs offer students six-month or summer technology internships. This is a great way to build your network, skillset and get an insight into the sector or job role. You can find out if a job in technology is the one for you! Getting an internship at a top firm will also help you stand out against other graduates and impress employers when applying for graduate schemes or jobs. 

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What technology consulting attributes are beneficial to have?

  • Passionate about the sector - tech consulting can be highly rewarding. But you need a passion for the industry and new technology to drive you forward into new ideas and opportunities. 
  • Open-minded and creative - often solving a problem doesn’t come with a simple solution. You may need to get creative and try different options to decide on an effective and long-term solution for the client. 
  • Dedicated - breaking into technology consulting is tough if you don’t hold the right academic qualifications or experience. But, by showing your dedication to employers from extracurricular experiences or courses, can demonstrate your drive for this industry. With new products and software releasing very often, you need that dedication to take the time and learn what the trends are. 
  • Curiosity - the technology is fast evolving and the top companies are always brainstorming the next big thing. You must remain curious about new tech and discover how it works. 
  • Team player - as a technology consultant, you won’t be working alone. Although consultants deal with customers, there are teams behind that deal with everything that comes with it. Being a good team player means you’ll get things done more effectively and you’ll have the support from those that believe in you and your work.

Where can I find more information about technology consulting skills?

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