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Technology consulting graduate salaries

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Do you want to be at the forefront of technology or assisting clients on how they can improve their business with technology? The average salary of a technology consultant is £46,000, but there are more roles to choose from if that isn’t your thing. Here’s an overview of technology consulting graduate salaries, from entry level all the way up to mid and senior-level roles.

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Entry-level technology consulting graduate salaries

As a graduate, you can break into bespoke software development through an entry-level software development role with a Bachelor’s in an IT-related discipline or relevant work experience. A starting salary can range from £22,000 to £31,000, but this can increase if you move into bespoke software development. Read more about the types of technology consulting roles

If you want to stay customer-focused and offer your advice, a job as a technology consultant could be for you. At entry-level, you can earn from £27,000 to £32,000; this increases if you work for one of the leading graduate employers in technology consulting. You’ll need a technology-based degree discipline, such as computer science or numerical-based like mathematics or science. 

As an IT infrastructure planner, your role is to implement and anticipate the technical needs of a client. This means implementing systems that offer short or long-term solutions to specific technical problems. As a graduate, you can start as a junior IT infrastructure planner, earning a salary from £25,000 to £32,000. To gain experience in this field, see technology consulting and project management internships.

Businesses need to be protected

With any business, there are risks. As a risk assessment analyst, your job is to use your analytical skills and market knowledge to understand and convey those potential risks to clients. This can be a stressful yet highly-rewarding role that can earn you £21,000 to £34,000. Depending on the company you work for and your work location. It is possible to break into this field without an IT-related degree - learn how to break into Tech Consulting with a Humanities degree. 

Similarly with cybersecurity analysts. Their role is to protect client IT infrastructures from cyber threats by monitoring networks, reporting threats and assessing alarms notifying a security breach. At entry-level, a starting salary sits around £24,000 to £32,000, depending on if you work in-house or at a consultancy. 

Finally, to stop harmful incidents happening, businesses and consultancies hire disaster recovery planners to put an analytical and thought-through plan together just in case. Disaster recovery planners at entry-level can earn a starting salary between £25,000 and £37,000. If you want to break into this field, look at the BCM Institute for professional disaster recovering planning certifications.

Mid-level/senior technology consulting graduate salaries

To work in bespoke software development you need excellent communication, analytical mindset and a wide understanding of technology tools, products and trends. At mid-senior level, expect to earn a salary up to £49,000, increasing by at least £15,000 - £20,000 if you move into bespoke development. This depends on the company you work for and the types of clients you deal with. 

Technology consultancy is a highly competitive field. To get into those mid-senior levels you must have relevant experience, qualifications, problem-solving skills and confidence in your ability. Mid-senior level technology consultant salaries range from £46,000 to £66,000 - which can be increased by bonuses. Read Bright Network’s guide to the Tech Consulting application process

As an IT infrastructure planner, you’ll not only be planning your client’s potential technical needs, but you could be designing or implementing new plans with the directors of the business. This means you’ll need interpersonal skills, problem-solving ability and leadership skills. At mid-level, an IT infrastructure planner can earn from £33,000 to £42,000, with the potential to move into IT infrastructure managerial positions that earn up to £71,000.

Show me the money

Risk assessment analysts are just as important, as they help reduce potential losses for businesses that could have a detrimental impact. As your decision-making and responsibilities increase, when you move to mid-senior level your salary will sit around £67,000 up to a hefty £98,000. Similarly, security consultants use their technical ability and knowledge to prevent cyber threats or attacks on a business. At mid-level, expect to earn between £32,000 and £61,000 with managerial roles increasing up to £70,000.

Lastly, at a managerial level, a disaster recovery manager can earn over £72,000, depending on the location of work and in-house or consultancy based. Disaster recovery managers need leadership skills, problem-solving and excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

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Why do technology consulting graduate salaries differ? 

Technology consulting graduate salaries differ based on how your experience and qualifications suit the role you are applying for. If your role requires a Master's degree or extra professional technology qualifications, your salary will be higher because the employer expects a higher level of academic knowledge. For the roles discussed above, you can either work in-house or for a consultancy which can impact your salary. There are no major differences in salary between in-house and consultancy, but it depends if you want to work with a variety of clients or for one company. 

Like other industries, your salary will be higher if you work for leading graduate employers like EY or PwC. The same applies to the level of demand for your skills and job role, for example, if you’re skilled in new technology that the big companies want to get into, they’re more likely to offer you a higher salary to join them and bring your skills to the table. This way, they get to stay ahead of the technology game and you earn a higher salary for having up-to-date skills. 

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