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Bright Network Technology Academy

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About Bright Network Technology Academy

The Bright Network Technology Academy is a new Tech Bootcamp designed to kickstart your career in Technology.  Join our 12 week course designed to help give you the skills and connections to succeed in a technology career. To date, we've trained and found technology roles for over 100 students from a whole range of degree backgrounds including, Music, English and Japanese! 

What is the Bright Network Technology Academy?

The Bright Network Technology Academy is an end-to-end structured training programme that will take you from technologically curious to a Junior Technologist in 12-weeks.

Bright Network have invested heavily in ensuring this is a market leading training proposition, with the course created by our own in house Training Trainers.

Successful completers of the Bright Network Technology Academy who secure a role with a client partner will be onboarded by Bright Network as Software Engineering Consultants and deployed out to our partner companies to work on exciting projects within their engineering functions.

Accelerated Learning Bootcamp:

This market leading bootcamp has designed to be vocational – creating world class software engineers that can add value to development teams within 12-weeks. You will be trained to work across both Front End and Back End Development (learning both Java and JavaScript). The course will also introduce you to a variety of different frameworks, languages, and topics that will allow you to build on your knowledge as you progress into your careers.

Not only will the Bright Network Technology Academy focus on your technical skills, but it will support you to become well-rounded and a lifelong learner. You will be paired with a mentor, complete softer skills training, and take part in virtual ‘fire-side chats’ with industry experts.

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